Web Addresses for Supervisors

Let your Fresno County Supervisors know that you do not want them to vote to allow Jesse Morrow Mountain to be mined. Let them know that you will use your voting power to remove them if they do.

Come to the public meeting(s) that will be scheduled when the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed mine is released by the County Planning Commission and let your opinion be heard.

Tell your friends and neighbors about the proposal to mine Jesse Morrow Mountain.

Go to the City of Santa Clarita's website, www.stopcemexmegamine.com for more information and links to stories about Cemex's activities in other areas.

Let us know if you want to get involved or make a contribution.

Call or write your supervisors at the addresses and telephone numbers listed below.

Phil Larson, District 1
fax: 559-488-6830
Assistant - Jean Barlow
[email protected]

Susan Anderson, District 2
fax: 559-488-6830
Assistant - Marty Murphy
[email protected]

Henry Perea, District 3
fax: 559-455-4704
Assistant - Patricia Pinedo
[email protected]

Judy Case, District 4
fax: 559-488-6830
Assistant-Dia Beigi
[email protected]

Debbie Poochigian, District 5
fax: 559-600-1609
Assistant-Sue Garabedian
[email protected]

2281 Tulare Street,
#300, Hall of Records,
Fresno, CA 93721-2198
Phone: (559) 488-3529
Fax: (559) 488-6830